I use to think Trampoline Basket Ball was the sport of the future. Then I was confident in lingerie football. But after seeing this I am certain this is the next big thing!

So people are constantly asking “How can we make sports better?” and suddenly someone found the answer, we put a Stun Gun in every players hands. Now we’re cooking with gas! The UTB or Ultimate Tak Ball has taking self defense and sports and meshed them into the next best sport. This has got to be up there with bull fighting and pistol dueling. Think about all those internet videos of drunken fans running out on a football field. You love to watch the fan running on the field but you love it even better once he gets hit with a tazer by the security guard and falls flat on his face right? Well UTB has brought that kind of action to every play of the game. So long super bowl hello Tazer Bowl!


i cant wait to eat my dipping dots, the ice cream of the future while watching my new favorite sport, the sport of the future UTB.