If you've ever had trouble finding a card for your homosexual friend, that ends now. Target sells just about everything, and now they've introduced gay marriage greeting cards into the mix, and they're stirring up controversy.I'm not surprised, but I just wish this world could accept "non-traditional" things and mind their own business. People have a right to love and be with whomever they choose and I'm glad there's something else out there to prove it.

The cards, which are produced by Carlton Cards, are intended for marriages and include such phrases as "Mr. and Mr." and "Two very special women, one very special love." They have been available for purchase in the store since last month.

I think it's great that such a huge store and chain is acknowledging all groups of people. Spokeswoman Molly Snyder commented that "Target is focused on diversity and inclusivity."

However, while Target is going forward with the cards and despite their recent online sale of Gay Pride shirts (whose proceeds went to the LGBT advocacy group Family Equality Council), some are opposing their reasoning to do so. Some think tactics like these are an attempt to erase or override past offenses, such as the store's refusal to sell artist Frank Ocean's new album after he revealed his first love was a man. Lady Gaga also ended a deal with them after finding out they donated a large sum of money to an organization which supported Tom Emmer- a Minnesota governmental bid who doesn't support equal rights for LGBT individuals.

The article states otherwise:

Still, the company has continued to be a major sponsor for the Pride festivities in Minneapolis, and also scores high on the Human Rights Campaign's corporate equality index, which rates businesses on workplace policies for LGBT employees.

Target is not anti-gay, Michael Francis, Target's executive vice president and chief marketing officer said. It's important to set the record straight and provide some context.

What is your take on this situation?

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