Tara Reid


As the news really started to break about “The Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher’s passing, it was refreshing to see that while in the UK Tara Reid was showing the proper respect.

Britain’s longest serving Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away the morning of April 8th 2013 after suffering from a stroke. Thatcher was a strong conservative politician who over her 11 years as Prime Minister who transformed Britain’s way of thinking about its economic and political life, broke union power and opened the way to far greater private ownership.

"What a Beautiful day in London sending you all love!"  I’m sure was a result of a complete lack of knowledge of what is going on in the world but funny none the less. 

I would never say Tara Reid should be held accountable for the hidden tones people may or may not pick up from this tweet. I’m not positive Tara Reid can tie her own shoes let alone be clever enough to make a joke about the late Margaret Thatcher. The key to comedy is timing, and Tara Reid you madam, have inadvertently nailed it!