Funerals in Outer Space
Did your recently deceased loved one always want to see the world but never had the chance to? Well now there is a way from them to do just that and possibly encounter an Ewok or Wookie.
Zombies Invade Saratoga Springs
Ahhhhhhhh! There are going to be Zombies in Saratoga Springs tomorrow! At least they gave us fair warning.
The Zombies will be showing up around 2 p.m. and visiting several shops along Broadway, Caroline and Washington.
The Zombies are there to promote the Double M Western Store Haunted Hay …
Is New York Prepared For A Zombie Apocalypse?
With last night's Season 4 Finale of The Walking Dead, many are already going through zombie withdrawals. Sadly, we will have to wait until October for the show to return.
Now while the world of The Walking Dead is fictional, just how prepared are we if in fact a zombie apocalypse would occur li…
A Beer With Brains, Literally!
Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? Do you like Beer?
If you answered 'Yes' to both, you're in luck! A brewery in Philly has just the craft beer that allows you to consume brains just like your favorite zombies. Yes, we're serious!
‘The Walking Dead’ Attacks New York City [Video Prank]
Sunday is the day all Walking Dead fans have been waiting for, the mid-season premiere. Finally we will find out what happens to the group after the Governor's invasion and subsequent walker invasion on the prison.
Because of the show most everyone imagines what they would do if the Zombie Apocalypse…
The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 5
Before the launch of Season 4 for The Walking Dead, AMC announced there would be a spin-off series to the popular comic-turned-television hit. Now after 3 episodes into Season 4, AMC says they have renewed the show for a fifth season.
New Poll Says Americans Prefer Zombies & Dog Poop To Congress
With the government shutdown still going strong, even with glimmers of possible hopes for resolutions; Americans are becoming more and more dishearten with their choice of elected officials.
A new poll out shows just how "soured" our opinion is of the government and their lack of le…

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