Albany, NY – The Movie [VIDEO]
This is Albany, NY. Not the city, but the movie. Okay, maybe it’s a movie about this city. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a movie and more of a 14-minute video of shots of the City Albany. Either way, it’s sort of like a movie and totally starring Albany…
The Unbelievable Story Of One Little Boy
So, I'm into dark humor and video editing. My joke telling is above par and video editing skills are on a rookie's level to say the least. None-the-less, I found an awesome joke, a cool graveyard pic and put my YouTube video editing skills to work.
Is This The Worst Song Ever?
It seems the internet loves to share things among itself that are pretty bad and this is proof. IceJJFish is an 'artist' on YouTube that has released several songs including his latest 'On The Floor.' With well over 800,000 views, could this be the next internet sensation or…
September 21, 2013 Was a Beautiful Day To Stay Home
You know what happened about three weeks ago? Right? I feel like there was zero promotion for the Albany Area's Annual 'get drunk, listen to random 'jam' bands, and get even drunker' fest. From what I'm hearing Facebook alerted most the day of the event. So now, I'…

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