Slow News Week
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show They have talked about: What Christina Aguilera did on Jimmy Fallon, Emojis, Manatees, exploding houses, a fight, Selfies and a tunnel in a snow bank. The most interesting story that they have reported on is how someone sabotaged the shows …
The epic conclusion of the Dan America/Lauren Francesca Trilogy
In part 2 Lauren strikes back! If you watched part 1 and thought that I probably scared Lauren. You were wrong. Part 2 also proves that chicks dig a guy with a little Schnauzer. For some reason I can not post part 2 with the provided link, luckily its apart of the play list. So here is part 3! I gue…
Because Other Peoples’ Misery is Funny
This one comes from the Fail Army it claims to be the "Ultimate" compilation of fails but there is no mention of the Latham Circle Mall. Because other peoples misery is so fating let us enjoy these fails, and a pretty cool anti bullying PSA.
Albany, NY – The Movie [VIDEO]
This is Albany, NY. Not the city, but the movie. Okay, maybe it’s a movie about this city. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a movie and more of a 14-minute video of shots of the City Albany. Either way, it’s sort of like a movie and totally starring Albany…

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