Three Days Grace -Aspen’s Crush of the Night
I love Three Days Grace!! It's like every song from them is an instant hit! I can't wait for them to come out with new music so I hope their working on some!! That's why tonight Three Days Grace is my crush.
Miss May I -Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Miss May I is a awesome metalcore band who will be with WhiteCapel and others at Northern Lights May 15th (next Tuesday). I can't wait for the show, so those of you that aren't familiar you can get to know them now because Miss May I is my crush of the Night.
Adam Yauch – Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Today we lost a legend in the music world. I always loved the Beastie Boys and grew up listening to them. Today I am upset to say he died fighting cancer at the age of 47. So tonight it's only right that I remember him in his glory. He's my crush of the night.
Shinedown- Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Shinedown, they're killing the charts right now. I love these guys their music rocks and it's like every song the come out with is a instant hit. That's why tonight they are my crush.
Ryan Gosling – Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Ryan Gosling last summer filmed a movie in Schenectady. I wanted to meet him so bad, I even tried out for the movie. I love this dude he seems so cool, down to earth and as we can all see with our eyes a good looking guy. So Ryan Gosling your my crush of the night.
Johnny Depp – Aspen’s Crush of The Night
Ok we all Love, I mean love Johnny Depp. He has a new movie coming out this Friday called Dark Shadows that looks hilarious. He also played the guitar for Marylin Manson on The Golden God Awards this past month, is there anything he cant do?  So what better time another than now for Johnny…

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