Save Seth Rollins
I don't know if The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show are going to get to this one. WWE Superstar Seth Rollins fiancee posted nude photos of Rollins and the woman that he was cheating on her with. At least this love triangle hit the news just in time for Valentine's Day. Here is the full story …
Triple H Breaks Kayfabe to Comfort Crying Boy
Monday night in Dallas, Triple H and the Authority wreaked havoc on WWE Monday Night Raw. One might say that he was Terra Ryzing John Cena when he booked a handicap match for the main event, putting Cena against The Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins. But when it came time for the "heels&q…
On This Day In Wrestling History
On January 19th 1992 "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeated 29 other participants for the WWF Championship, in Albany, NY, at the Knickerbocker Arena. This was the first time Flair captured the WWF Championship, the first and only time that the Royal Rumble match was for the  WWF Championship…
Wrestling Catchphrases Are Fun
You know something brother? Free Beer & Hot Wings may think that this guy is the worst Play-By-Play guy for using wrestling catchphrases, but IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEY THINK!
Dalton & Dean
This one time, Dean Ambrose was here and Dalton got to interview him. As you listen wait till they mention Board Opp Dan. I hear that Board Opp Dan is a really cool guy, wonder what his real name is? Or if he has a Blog?

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