Happy Birthday Mick Foley! [Video]
Professional Wrestler, Comedian, Professional Santa Claus, and Best Selling Author, Mick Foley, turned 51 today. Mick Foley is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and if you don't know who Mick Foley is, this is Mick Foley.
WWE Payback
WWE Payback was a decent show, but it felt more like an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, with the exception of Enzo Amore suffering a concussion during the opening match, that did not feel like a Monday Night Raw, that was scary.
Dan America’s Wrestlemania Review (Video)
I always wait for the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania to forum an opinion about Wrestlemania, because I consider the Raw after Wrestlemania to be a part of Wrestlemania.
I give Wrestlemania 32 a 7 out of 10, or a 4 star rating, because I felt that the Main Event between Triple H & Roman Reign…
Happy Birthday Iron Sheik! (Video NSFW)
The Iron Sheik turns 74 today, he is considered to be one of the greatest wrestling heels of all time because of his feud with Hulk Hogan during the 1980's, later he became more of a comedic hero due to his antics on The Howard Stern Show, social media and shoot interviews...
Ric Flair Inducting Sting into Hall of Fame
According to upi.com, 16 time world Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair will be inducting Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The ceremony takes place April 2 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas as part of the Wrestlemania week festivities...
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! (VIDEO)
WWE's Royal Rumble is this Sunday, January 24th, it is the 29th Royal Rumble, and this year's Royal Rumble, is the first time that the WWE World Heavyweight Title will be defended in the the Royal Rumble match.
This year is the first time that the WWE Title, will be defended in the Royal Rumble, whic…

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