Worst Christmas Songs Of All Time – BJ’s Picks
Christmas time brings us some of our favorite songs, and at the same time drops some pretty big turds on us. I'll never understand how some of them get played every single year, but there must be some jerk out there that likes these songs. I'm glad the days of every pop singer in the wor…
The Five Worst ‘As Seen on TV’ Products Ever
Sometimes we see an infomercial and think, "wow, how inventive!" Unfortunately most of the time we see things that are so ridiculous that I can't believe that they even got one person to buy it. Most of these terrible products are things that no one would use, but the commercial is so go…
Worst Video Game Movies All Time
The film world has finally been able to translate comic books and graphic novels to the big screen, but one thing they have failed on time and again is making the video game movie.