It’s So Round And Very Exspencive [VIDEO]
This is the most round object in the entire world and apparently it is completely priceless. This is a pure polished silicon sphere.
If you're looking for a history lesson and a bunch of shiny object then look no further then this video...
Bring Back Pangaea Podcast: Episode 02
Here is your absolute proof that this world we call Earth is falling apart. There is countless horrific news stories that I bring to light and it’s up to you to realize the truth. The truth is this world can be fixed and the only solution is to bring back Pangaea!
Iranian Man Goes 60 Years Without Bathing [PICTURES]
Amoo Hadji of Iran has not taken a bath or shower in over 60 years and I have never been more jelly. This dude is the original hipster and has been sticking it to the man and society for over half a century. Not even Dharma of Dharma and Greg is this motivated and free-spirited...
Icelandic Police Kill Armed Man For The First Time Ever
I’m very confused by this story, does this mean that the police in Iceland have been doing something right for so many years or doing things very wrong? Apparently in all the years of the existence of Icelandic police there has never been a time when they have shot and killed a &ldqu…
Subway Surpasses McDonalds
For the longest time McDonalds was the largest restaurant chain in the world but no more!  Subway has now taken that title away from Mickey D's.