Can Men And Women Be “Just Friends?” [VIDEO]
It's the age old question,  Can men & women be "just friends?"  Take a look at this scientific video study and find out for yourself.   The video could just prove one thing - men are honest and women are liars.
The Ten Hottest Scream Queens
As you know with a scary movie there always has to be a pretty girl in distress. It's hard to maintain sexy and still seem scared to death, but these ladies do it like no other. There have been some pretty hot scream queen over the years and some new ones are here and are going to be making u…
Top 10 Women Who Kick Ass – BJ’s Picks
I have been seeing a lot of previews for this new movie "Colombiana" starring Zoe Saldana. Judging from the trailer it looks like she kicks a lot of ass in this one. That got me thinking about all the women who have kicked ass in TV and film in the past...
Butts of Beach Volleyball Stars Now Being Used as Ad Space
When it comes to sponsorship opportunities in pro sports, putting ads right on the athletes means more eyes on your brand. With NASCAR, sponsors can cover a whole jumpsuit with logos and slogans. But with a sport like beach volleyball, skimpy uniforms mean sponsors need to work extra hard to make a…
Hollywoods Hottest Women
There are a few reasons why we love to go to the movies.  Action, great stories and beautiful women, and right now there are a lot of beautiful women in Hollywood.

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