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New Teen ‘Challenge’ Causing Harm Involves Deodorant
Because people couldn’t stop at Tide pods? Or just use hygiene items as directed?  According to News 10 abc, a warning is going around about a new ‘challenge’ involving deodorant.  News 10 abc reported on a UK girl who suffered second degree …
Someone Gets Paid Six Figures a Year to Protect Planets
According to a recent post by News 10, NASA is looking for a "planetary protection officer."  It may sound like something out of a video game or sci-fi movie, but the position is real.  AND it pays six figures a year!  According to the News 10 post, it…
Q News With Dan America (Video)
Albany's #1 Rock Station brings you Albany's #1 News Broadcast! Q News with Dan America! I am your source for weird, offbeat news. Meet the Rockaholic and share it with your friends, family and coworkers!
Guy Builds Tiny House and It Gets Stolen [Video]
A guy in Texas, Casey Friday, has been building a tiny house for more than two years And it was finally ready to move into.
The home is 228 square feet, cost him $35,000 and was built on the back of a trailer.
Friday and his wife, Jessica, bought a plot of land just north of San Antonio in Spring …

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