Harry Potter – BJ’s Movie Pick
It is a weekend for geeks all across this great nation.  The final chapter in the Harry Potter saga hit's theaters and you can bet that this nerd will be there to check it out.
Green Lantern -BJ’s Movie Pick
I know that people don't have a whole lot of faith in this movie, but I am willing to give it chance since comic book movies as of late seem to be very well written.
BJ’s Movie Pick – Thor
I don't think anyone is surprised that this is my movie pick this week.  I have been looking forward to seeing "Thor" for a while, and it is finally here.
BJ’s Weekend Box Office Picks
An 80's remake, a super soldier little girl and a clumsy knight on an adventure to save the world.  All these movies are scheduled to open this weekend, which one should you go see?

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