Snow Day Equals Craigslist Casual Encounters [NSFW]
Lovely weather out there, ehh? Tomorrow is officially Spring and Mother Nature can't help but remind us that Winter is still in full effect. Depressing right? Around these parts most of us are ready for some much needed warmth yet it's snowing like a mother. Might as well find a mate to ke…
Snow Headed To The Albany Area
Just when you thought Oldman Winter had packed up and decided to take shelter for the next few months, think again. Mother Nature has us in her cross hairs and she's ready to pull the trigger.
Winter Storm Nemo Slams The Albany Area, Not Really [VIDEO]
Remember Thursday of last week? Everyone was freaking out: 'Nemo is coming, Nemo is coming- Expect at least a foot of snow- Quick, go buy 15 gallons of milk'. Yes friends, the stage was set for a multi-storm throw down right over our heads. Mwuahahaha!
Albany School Closings and Weather Information
Have you heard we're getting a storm? We haven't had much winter in the past two years so any storm delivering any amount of snowfall gets people all excited. We're expecting a pretty big storm though and many schools decided to close ahead of the storm. Our list of closings is contin…
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Seriously though, you ready for some serious snow? I was just chatting with a buddy yesterday about the white stuff. Our general consensus?  Why haven't we seen a snow storm that drops 2 inches an hour, like back in the old days? You know what I'm saying right? Like, the kind of snow plows can't kee…
Will Winter Storm Nemo Find His Way To The Albany Area?
Insert Finding Nemo jokes (here). All kidding aside, two snow storms could come-a- barreling on in Friday morning, which could net us up to a foot and a half of snow. That, of course, depends on who you're getting your weather info from.
Homeless Man Breaks Windows To Stay Warm
With temps barely reaching 20 degrees over the last few days, which will likely carry into the weekend, we can all agree that it's- burr chilly cold chilly burr cold burr- out there, no?  For me, I appreciate the fact that I have a few blankets and a warm place to rest my head. For others,…
Cold Weather Headed To The Albany Area
With temps only reaching into the teens for the rest of the week, it's essential that one bundles up, right? Hat, gloves and multiple layers will assure warmth as a blast of 'winter' hits the Albany area. BTW, while we're used to 'cold' temps, how long has it been since…
The Latest Update on Sandy for the Albany Area
We're going to keep you updated every time there is a change in information or new information about Sandy as she approaches the Albany area. Please keep checking back and refreshing the page to display the latest information.

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