Bikini Chick Dancing In Traffic Makes Me Long For Summer
Ohhhhhhh, the weather outside is frightful but the cold is so... Man, this cold weather blows doesn't it? The temp right now is -2 and dreams of Summer are rushing through my brain like that first time I tried mushrooms. What? Moving on moving on.
Global Warming Is Real, Here’s The Proof [VIDEO]
I can't believe people are saying that Global Warming isn't real. I just looked outside and the sun is shining bright. It looks and must feel like a 70 degree day, in January!!! Clearly Global Warming is real and happening, now!
School Closes For Good Weather
Have you ever been in class on a beautiful day only to find yourself spending less time paying attention to the teacher and more time staring out the window, daydreaming about the beach? Well one school in Georgia has the right idea about how to treat beautiful days...
Allergic To Pollen? Set It On Fire!
Have you invested crazy loot in tissues? Are you tired of waking up in the morning and blowing out large amounts of snot from your nose? Tired of random droplets of snot dripping down your face as you put the moves on a lovely betty? Me too! Might as well burn that crap! The pollen that is.
Whiteface Mountain Welcomed Summer With Three Feet Of Snow
The unofficial start to Summer wasn't exactly that, was it? Essentially, in the Albany Area, it rained all weekend with the beauty of sun and warm temps setting in on Monday. Of course, that was the last day of our holiday weekend, so yeah- Last weekend was a bust. Let me just say, it could hav…
Heavy Rains And Flooding Hammer The Albany Area [PICS]
Say what you want but the torrential rains we received earlier today (Wednesday) were sick. With a friend sending me crazy pics from Scotia and my own personal pics while I was retrieving a friend at the train in Schenectady, I felt like I needed to show you exactly what happens when it downpours fo…

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