Winter Storm Warning For Parts of Upstate NY
Wooohoooo, I think we are in the clear. You know what, thank the heavens, cause I'm done with winter. DONE! But hey Buffalo and Rochester, you guys are expected to get crazy snow so enjoy your last hoorah!
Girlfriend Scratches Car And All I Can Think About Is Spring
There's nothing like a woman's scorn. They will hand your ass to you and ask questions later. Doesn't matter what your reasoning is: you are screwed until they say it's over. And you know what, most of the time saying 'it's over' is not in their vocabulary. Case in…
Snow Storm May Cause Trouble For Thursday Evening Commute
And yet another reason why I'm not a weatherman. High pressure air preventing a storm from running up the east coast which may lead to 4-8 inches of snow falling on Thursday, or not. High pressure, what?  Yeah, it makes no sense to me but I will try to explain it anyways.
Significant Snow Accumulations For Albany Area
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! Winter has packed one hell of a punch this year, which makes Spring seem so very far away, especially with that damn rodent in PA. seeing his shadow. Six more weeks of winter is in store and so is a possible snow storm.
Snow And Ice From A Southerner’s Perspective [VIDEO]
Without a doubt, people in the south are hurting from the few inches of snow and ice they received. I get it too, my mom lives in NC and they aren't prepared for anything other than Hurricanes. She hasn't been to work since Monday!
Bikini Chick Dancing In Traffic Makes Me Long For Summer
Ohhhhhhh, the weather outside is frightful but the cold is so... Man, this cold weather blows doesn't it? The temp right now is -2 and dreams of Summer are rushing through my brain like that first time I tried mushrooms. What? Moving on moving on.

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