water slide

It’s That Time Of Year Again (Greatest Video Ever)
For over 30 years, it has been a Capital Region tradition to hear the world's greatest jingle. It is the world's greatest jingle because it's been the same jingle since the 80's. I don't know if anyone else has played this jingle yet this year, and I hope I am the first!
The Great Escape Announces New Water Ride
Saturday May 26th, The Great Escape and Splash Water Kingdom in Lake George officially opens for the 2012 Summer season.  New this year is a water ride area called the Alpine Free Falls Water Complex, featuring a six story Cliffhanger attraction. Check out the video
Luxury California Home Features 185-Foot Water Slide
America’s rich don’t just like to live large, they even want to slide down into their private pools in stylish fashion. While a private sports court or a pool is commonplace, a recently listed luxury estate boasts a 185-foot long serpentine water slide, one of the longest residential water slides fo…