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2 Men Rob Woman In Labor At Gunpoint
It’s like stealing a car from a baby who hasn't even been born yet. Such a classic move by Devery Kelley and Cornell Robinson. These two gentlemen from Maryland not only love to steal cars but they love to do it on the lowest end of the moral spectrum.
Woman Makes Goat Noise While Assaulting News Crew
With today being Halloween, might as well highlight the worst costume on the planet. I mean seriously, lady in Washington D.C., if you're going to be a goat for Halloween, it's imperative that you dress up or it's not going to make any sense.
Controversy With New MLK Memorial
So this week was the first week for the brand new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington DC.  This is a great moment for his family and everything he fought for, but some are finding an issue with the statue.
Eighth Graders Eat Lunch At Hooters
It's an eighth grade field trip to the National Aquarium.  Now a chaperone's dilemma - When it becomes lunch time, what do you do with 100 kids?  Let's go to Hooters! That's what happened when a group of eighth graders from Pennsylvania got hungry on a recent field trip…
Tornado Watch in Washington D.C.
Albany and the surrounding areas are getting pounded with rain right now. I hate the rain just as much as the snow, but at this point I would prefer the rain.
On the brighter side for us New Yorkers, The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for Washington D...