Veterans Day (Video)
It's Veterans Day, and I am always conflicted about how to go about celebrating, so I consulted the History Channel on YouTube for answers.
Informative, but I am still conflicted, because the way I like to celebrate holidays, is by watching a holiday appropriate themed movie...
Does Starbucks Hate Christmas? (Video)
I did not know what all the fuss was about, with the Starbucks holiday cups until I watched this video, because I am apathetic toward news like this, because I don't think it's news, when someone or a group of people are offended.
I'm glad that this video is only 0:54 seconds long, bec…
Welcome To The Breakfast Wars!!! (Video)
McDonald's is going to try a all-day breakfast menu to compete with Taco Bell's breakfast menu. Are these the first shots being fired in what will be known as THE BREAKFAST WARS? I hope they get Ally Sheedy to do a commercial.
Dalton Gets Political About Syria Conflict
The answer to this whole Syria mumbo jumbo is so simple. What’s the right course of action? Well that is simple and I can sum it up in less the 6 seconds. My thoughts and solution are best represented in this emotional yet well thought out vine...

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