Grocery Shopping On Meth, Cause There Isn’t Any Other Way [VIDEO]
I want to kick this off with: I'm not a fan of low low prices, smiley face signs, or any business that goes out of their way to ruin local flavor. In other words, I despise Walmart and everything it stands for. I will spend many-a-dollars to avoid that place. That's me though. You on the o…
Grandma Goes H.A.M At Walmart [VIDEO]
Give her one of those refills now!!!!! Seven words you may have heard coming from a lovely lady at Walmart in Arkansas, assuming you were in the same Wally World as this crazy lady. None the less, something tells me this lady is missing out on her favorite script of pain meds? Maybe she needs that f…
Woman Gives Birth To Baby Inside New York Walmart
If there is one thing "People of Walmart" has taught us, it's that you can literally find every walk of life and see almost everything society has to offer at the major chain store.
Folks in Wallkill, NY were treated to something you don't see everyday when stopping in the…
Walmart + Frozen Food = Epic Food Fight
Chicken patties? Potato skins? The last tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream? One of these items - or something - was such a hot item it stemmed a brawl in an Albany area supermarket.
Local Places To Pick A Pumpkin
If you're looking for a pumpkin to carve up this weekend for your children or if you're like me and still carve one while you're in your thirties, I've got a few hot spots for you to pick an orange, seed-filled delight.
Kentucky Woman Gets Glued to Toilet Seat at Walmart
I refuse to use public bathrooms. Unless it's an emergency or for a female reason I stay away. I do not want to get crabs that came from someone elses who-ha or just simply sit on a dirty seat that probably has no toilet paper to begin with. Nature called for one Kentucky woman while she was at Walm…
Beware of Walmart Scam Text Message
I'm sure you are like many people and have search online for some great deals this holiday season.   I bet you have even purchased items from, so be aware if you get a text message claiming to come from Walmart regarding the chance to get $100 gift card.

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