Walking Dead

I Was Very Confused While Watching The 2015 Grammy Awards
I knew that there was something off about the Grammys when I did not recognize the performing artist walking through the woods. I thought that the Grammys took place indoors. Then I saw Madonna, but did not know why she was trapped underneath some debris, then the man I thought was Kanye stabbed her…
Walking Dead :30 Recap—Week 1 [VIDEO]
Did you see the season premiere of "The Walking Dead" last night? If not, I can catch you up to speed in less then 30 seconds. If ya did, then you might want watch this as well to refresh your memory.
‘The Walking Dead’ Attacks New York City [Video Prank]
Sunday is the day all Walking Dead fans have been waiting for, the mid-season premiere. Finally we will find out what happens to the group after the Governor's invasion and subsequent walker invasion on the prison.
Because of the show most everyone imagines what they would do if the Zombie Apocalypse…
Pro Wrestling Zombies [VIDEO]
It really doesn't get better than zombies who also happen to pro wrestle. I recently was involved in an event under the brand of Fight called Zombie Wrestling in Toronto.
The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 5
Before the launch of Season 4 for The Walking Dead, AMC announced there would be a spin-off series to the popular comic-turned-television hit. Now after 3 episodes into Season 4, AMC says they have renewed the show for a fifth season.
‘The Walking Dead’ Monster Mash-Up Sing-Along
'The Walking Dead' is breaking viewership records and keeping fans on the edge of their set just two episodes into Season 4 with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
If you are a fan, get ready to rock out and even laugh a bit with this Mash-up of scenes from the show set to the Halloween…

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