Thank You Wal-Mart Lady
We all make assumptions about people or places. These days most of us have an opinion about Wal-Mart and their employees. They aren't around when you need them, and if your in need and lucky enough to come across one, they generally have no idea what the hell their talking about...
Walmart’s Biggest Black Friday Seller Was a 29 Cent Towel
Black Friday has come and gone, but not without incident. Many reports of fights, injuries, and even one shopper losing their life have come in from around the country. Most of these melees were over "big discounted" items like TVs, gaming systems, and more.
Can you believe though that the …
Wal-Mart Loves University At Albany
This is bold move by Wal-Mart. On one hand they have a lovely display that shows pride for U-Albany. But on the other hand anyone who goes to U-Albany cannot buy this soda in fear of messing up the display.
Woman Gives Birth To Baby Inside New York Walmart
If there is one thing "People of Walmart" has taught us, it's that you can literally find every walk of life and see almost everything society has to offer at the major chain store.
Folks in Wallkill, NY were treated to something you don't see everyday when stopping in the…