TSA Pat-Down Of A 10-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)
A hot topic today is this video, of a 10-year-old girl who needed extra screening, because she forgot to remove a Capri Sun juice pouch from her carry-on luggage.
Is this really necessary?
And how awkward is this?
This video is just creepy, and I have seen a lot of creepy things on and off the internet…
The 12 Days Of Christmas, Day 12 (Video)
On the 12th day of Christmas, Q103 gave to me, the end.
The original plan was to have me sit in front of the drummer of Red Sun Rising, during his sound check, but I was running late because of traffic going north. I had missed my window, to sit in front of a drum kit, and have me ears blown out, for…
Things That Nobody Ever Says [VIDEO]
There is a new internet video series that seems to be on fire right now and it's called Shit Girls Say.  Everyone seems to be jumping on board now with their own versions of these videos including these guys who have come up with a variety of things that no one actually says.  There are some real he…
FedEx Responds To Viral Delivery Man Blunder
Earlier this week one FedEx delivery man gave the entire company a bad name with his stupid antics caught on camera.  He tossed what is now known to be a computer monitor over a fence and walked away.  Now the company has responded, and they are not pleased.

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