Kid Has Sex With Hot Pockets, Gets Banned From Twitter
We think this is the point that we've lost all hope for humanity.
In a world self-obsessed with fame and overnight sensations, social media has become the medium for many talent & shameless folks. Such is the case of Twitter user @Versacepoptarts (aka Thot Pocket), who was banned from bo…
Fun Video Edits With Zach King
Zach King became popular through his Vine account @Zach King. Using vine to show off his Final Cut skills, Zach teaches us we don't need to be rich to make movie magic.
Mustache Bursts Into Thousands Of Spiders!
If you see something that looks like someone’s mustache has fallen off, run! This is the worst result you could think of.
Help me David Arquette! Please someone call Jeff Daniels, Harley Jane Kozak, John Goodman or somebody who knows how to handle this situation!
Dalton Has A Spontaneous Moose Fight
Don’t you hate when you’re traveling to Maine and then you catch the stink eye from a no good jerk faced moose? Yeah I come across this problem a lot. This past weekend I decided to take a stand against a bully of a moose and stand up for all mankind...

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