Why Are There So Many Russian Dash Cam Videos?
I guess the better question to ask is: Why does it seem like every car in Russia is equipped with a dash-cam? I have to be honest, the answer is not surprising at all. And yes, maybe I'm the only asking it, but, I'm asking and here's the answer.
Go-Pro Video Shows Lifeguards Saving A Drowning Kid
Warm weather will be in full effect very soon and with warmth comes awesome outdoor fun, like swimming. Whether it be lakes, pools or the ocean we will be out there showing off our ability to swim like champions. Unfortunately, some of us aren't as great in the water as we would like to think. …
Cop Dive-Tackles Man On Pedal Bike [VIDEO]
San Fran and Oakland football scouts I hope you're reading this. You really need to head to Sacramento and interview/try out a cop who tackles like LT from back in the day, minus the white powdery stuff. I'm serious, this dude needs a chance and frankly, he deserves a chance.
Two Simple From The Heart Valentine’s Day Ideas [VIDEO]
Holy crap! I think I just found the easiest way to earn a few extra points this Valentines Day. If you're anything like me buying a box of chocolates will not suffice, that's too easy. I prefer to make dinner for my lady. It's from the heart and personal. Plus you can get super c…
Man Wheelie’s His Bike Into A Cop Car [VIDEO]
With spring not even close to being here (at least it seems that way) might as well think and view all things spring. And what better way to dream of warmth than a dude popping a wheelie into the back of a cop car?

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