Dog Shows Owner Who’s Boss, All Over His Bed [VIDEO]
And this is why I do not own an animal. I don't need one, I have a kid, and trust me, he is an animal in his own right. None-the-less, when I ask him to not something he listens. He knows that if he doesn't he'll lose a privilege. It's really that easy. Animals, yeah, they don&ap…
A Message To Mother Nature [VIDEO]
I've had it! Time for warmth, bikini's, fires, beers and everything that comes with spring and summer, stat!! Mother Nature has ruined what used to be an awesome season. Yeah, I actually enjoyed winter months ago, but now, this ish blows!
2-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Creep You Out [VIDEO]
Ready to get creeped out?
There's this list of two-sentence creepy-a$$ horror stories that are floating around the web. Some are bland and others make you think. I have to be honest, I woke up from a creepy dream last night thanks to one of the 'stories.'
ATM Robbery Prank Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
Let's take a virtual stroll to the land down under cause ATM robbery pranks are all the rage, apparently. Which is funny, cause this 'prank' isn't funny, especially when someone runs up to you, throws you to the ground and demands your money.
Dude Agrees To Get Knocked Out For A Free Tattoo
It's videos like these that are eye opening for me. I mean, I was born and lived in the south for the first 10 years of my life. I even went back years later to become one with my roots. I retreated quickly. You know why? Cause southern people are insane!
McDonald’s Commercial Filmed In Albany [VIDEO]
I noticed this over the weekend and was like: 'hey, that looks familiar'. Then of course, I saw a CDTA bus and was like: 'I definitely live under a rock'. McDonald's filmed a commercial on the streets of Albany and I feel like I'm the only one who was kept in the dark.
Parkour In Sandals Across Israel Seems Really Painful
For the record this has nothing to do with Israel or parkour but everything to do with sandals.  My little brother is all about this sport, running and jumping about the Albany area. You'll probably see him this summer jumping and diving all over the Empire State Plaza. But never in sandal…
News Story About Cow Sex Involves Jello [VIDEO]
By now you've heard about the two dudes out in Herkimer County who were caught, on videotape by the way, trying to get freaky with a cow, sex-tape style!? Blah! I feel like this story needs some spice to make it more attractive to the viewer. Sex-tapes are old news now-a-days anyways
Cute Kid Hit With Surprise After Running Up Slide
'Daddy, watch me' are three of my favorite words. When my kid drops those three words I know something is either going to be awesome or will cause me to say 'shake it off buddy, you're going to be fine' to him as he does something painful.

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