Dude In NYC Wrecks His Car Then Bugs Out! [VIDEO]
Welp, this is the weirdest video I've ever seen. And it's not the roided out tree that takes a car to the kisser and still stands tall. Nope, it's the reaction of the driver who hit said tree and flipped his car.
Selfie Prank May Get You Killed [VIDEO]
Prank videos are all the rage these days and this 'acting like you're taking a selfie while pointing your camera at another human being three feet away' video may get you killed on site.
Advice For Single Parents: Summer Visit
So, the little guy will be here in a few days. Yeah, he's staying for the summer and I'm pretty stoked, yet really nervous. And it's not like this is new, he was up last summer. The reason for my nerves?

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