Weather Is Nice, Watch Out For Bikes [VIDEO]
And this is the reason why I constantly say no to getting a bike. While it seems like it would be a blast to go for a cruise around the area it's everyone else that makes me nervous. How many times have you gone to pull out of an intersection and out of no where, a bike appears? I would conside…
Some Call It Art I Call It A Big Pile Of Inflatable Poo [VIDEO]
On this beautiful Tuesday evening, let's try and get into art. Art is awesome, right? What's better than hitting up an art gallery and staring at someone's idea of, well, that's the point, it's their idea. Who am I to make fun of it? To be honest, admiring art isn't on …
Burglar Breaks Into The Wrong Home [VIDEO]
You know those hidden camera shows that highlight people doing dumb things while committing a crime? I often think to myself, what would I do If I found myself nose to nose with a dumb criminal. Would I run? Would I kick said criminal in the face? Would I stand there looking all shocked?
Real Life Urban Superhero Is Looking For A Wife [VIDEO+POLL]
'Every superhero needs a woman' were just one of my thoughts this morning. Seriously, wake up, grab a cup of coffee and think about superhero's needing a Mrs: Rise and shine! Naturally, I hopped on YouTube to see if any Superhero's were reaching out for a lady and boom: Danger Ma…
Awesome Workout Or Horrible Fail? [VIDEO+POLL]
Who goes to the gym? I have to admit, I cannot answer with yes. In fact, my idea of exercise is walking to and from my car at a rapid rate of speed. Trust me, with man boobs like mine, I know I need to get in shape sooner rather than later.
Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine [NSFW-VIDEO]
So much craziness has went down in the last 24 hours that I'm literally ready to explode. After 9-11 came increased security procedures federally, which I think, has made most of us feel a little at ease. Then yesterday happened.
Craig Ferguson On The Boston Marathon Bombings [VIDEO]
You know, being a dude who goes on the radio every night I have to say, my job is awesome. It's cool to go on the air, act a fool, and try my to hardest to entertain you. One thing I'm still working on is effectively being that entertainment outlet, especially when occurrences are happenin…

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