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Are they really the Worst Games of 2014?
I did not get to play many games this year. I played a little Madden here some DCU Online there, Clash Of Clans, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I got to watch my wife play Assassins Creed. I can not debate this list or support it, what do you think?
10 Goriest Video Games Ever
Here’s our list of the top 10 goriest games ever to make your stomach turn and to make your parent’s ire rise.
Games are no newcomer to gore. Since their inception, a bit of competition has always been a part of the mix. Pong, for instance, was all about beating your o…
11 Heart-Stopping Video Game Speed Runs
Sometimes you feel like really taking your time with a video game, digging around, finding treasure, leveling up to maximum capacity. Other times you just want to run like hell. These are those times, and if you've ever played any of these games, and you suffer from untreated anxiety, you might…

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