CM Punk to Debut in UFC Very Soon
Its been roughly two years since Phil Brooks also known to the world as CM Punk had walked out of a Monday Night Raw event after a rough talk with Vince McMahon. Punk has since signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion. His debut is coming very soon.
Is Rondamania Over? (Videos)
Ronda Rousey lost a fight, over the weekend, Ronda Rousey lost: her undefeated record and UFC Women's Bantamweight Title, when Holly Holm kicked her in the face, and Ronda fell down.
Is this the end of Ronda Rousey's reign as a "Media Darling...
14 Seconds
If you have not seen this video yet, you should watch it now. Because it takes 14 seconds, and in 14 seconds you will: Fear Ronda Rousey, learn that girls can fight, be afraid of girls that can fight and if you're like me start to find these girls who can fight to be kind of hot.

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