Raquel Pomplun or Paulina Gretzky: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
So I came up with this ingenious idea a few days ago. Show two pics of two smokin hot pieces of tale, add a poll and well- Let you vote on who you would want to Pump or Dump. It's easy- Who you taking home and who you leaving high and dry? Let the games begin!
Landlord Has Extreme House Rules, Read Them Here
Craigslist is the perfect place to find a good laugh while wasting time at work or on lunch break, esp. if you are trying to find a place to rent
Laura Evelyn on January 9th found a place to rent, well a room to rent. She meet with the landlord and was handed the "house rules&q…
‘Hashtag’ Is 2012’s Word of the Year
Hashtags may have originated on Twitter, but the popular internet shorthand has since spread to Facebook and even everyday speech. And now, "hashtag" has been declared the 2012 word of the year by the American Dialect Society. #waytogohashtag
Holy Crap, The Pope Is On Twitter
If you didn't think we have advanced too far as a society before this, you should now. The technological revolution has made its way to the Catholic church, as Pope Benedict XVI is now on Twitter. That's right, the freaking Pope is on Twitter!
Thief Caught Because of Facebook
When it comes to social media, seems like people want to post every little mundane fact about themselves in hopes of the world will give a crap about it. There are times where it can help and become important; like when thieves post about their exploits only to be caught because of doing so. This ca…
Parents Name Baby Hashtag – Not a Joke
When it comes to naming a your child, it's a pretty important choice. You don't want something the child can be made fun of. You especially don't want them to resent you for the name. So why in God's name would you want to name your child after a passing social media fa…
Man Demoted Due To Facebook Post
Let the opinions fly on this one. A guy in Britain got demoted at his job due to a Facebook post concerning gay marriage. Adrian Smith said that churches should not allow gay weddings and that they're "an equality too far".
Who to Follow on Twitter for Sandy Coverage
As Sandy approaches, we'll be keeping our Twitter account updated and we will also be closely following several other key people and organizations on Twitter. Here's a list of who you should also follow along with.
Live Tweets From Inside The Strip Club
For some reason people think I am capable and qualified to host and judge amateur night at Night Moves in Latham. I will never complain, as long as they keep getting naked I’ll keep showing up. This last visit I felt the need to bring all my Twitter followers with me and live tweeted…
MySpace To Come Back Thanks To Justin Timberlake
Remember MySpace?  Before we had mega social media hits Facebook and Twitter, we all used this thing called MySpace.  It was HUGE.  Now, today, with roughly one billion less users than Facebook, some of us have never even heard of the page.  Enter music mogul Justin Timberlake. &…
Instagram and Twitter Live Feeds for #qruption
Q-Ruption 2012 is officially underway at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. On Twitter + Instagram @q103albany and #qruption Silvertung just wrapped up on the stage, with Adelitas Way, Staind, Godsmack, and Shinedown to come later tonight.! Check out our live Instagrammed pictures from backstage …

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