Dalton’s Battle With Junior Mints
This might be less of a “battle” and more just an exchange of clever tweets. What started as merely a terrible joke I put on twitter sparked a short conversation with the people of Junior Mints.
Social Media Guide for Food Truck Festival
If you're going to be at our first ever Food Truck Festival happening this Saturday (5/4) in Troy, NY, we want you to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, flickr, and more with us! Here's a complete guide for the fest including our hashtag for the day and the Twitter handles for a bunch of the tr…
Real Life Urban Superhero Is Looking For A Wife [VIDEO+POLL]
'Every superhero needs a woman' were just one of my thoughts this morning. Seriously, wake up, grab a cup of coffee and think about superhero's needing a Mrs: Rise and shine! Naturally, I hopped on YouTube to see if any Superhero's were reaching out for a lady and boom: Danger Ma…
Is P. Diddy Banging Kate Upton?
Hold the phone, stop the presses, let your kids starve to death. A rich 40 something year old rap mogul could quite possibly be banging a 20 something year old supermodel? Get out of town? You mean to tell me a dude responsible for one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time still has the clout …

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