Is Justin Bieber On Steroids? [PHOTOS]
Seriously, there’s something going on here right? You can’t just get this body naturally there is some sneaky hocus-pocus needle stuff going on here with Justin Bieber. The Biebes is looking straight jack diesel in these recent pictures of him on twitter, no...
Who Wants To See A Bald Bush?
I knew you would click this story. I mean come on, everyone loves a bald bush. It's not what you think though. Former President George H. Bush is earning a bit of praise around the country with regard to his melon. Frankly, he's done such a great thing, it deserves some love.
TSA Now On Instagram – See What They Find & More [Photos]
The Transportation Safety Administration has blogged about their weekly findings of prohibited items since 2008. Heck, just last week they found 30 firearms that were in luggage; 27 of them loaded. With that in mind, the TSA has now taken to Instagram to further promote what you cannot bring on a pl…
How To Talk To A Pornstar [POLL]
Once upon a time talking to an 'Adult Entertainer' meant picking up the phone and dialing a 900 number. Of course, you weren't actually speaking to the sex goddess of your dreams, but more, some random person paid to talk dirty to you. My my my, how things have changed.
Feminist Taylor Swift Is Everything You Want It to Be
Do you secretly love Taylor Swift, but keep your love hidden because liking her lyrics makes you deeply, deeply ashamed? Twitter profile Feminist Taylor Swift is just the thing for you. They just take a Taylor Swift lyric and tack a feminist button onto it.

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