Facebook: An Honest Look-back Movie
To celebrate Facebook turning 10-years-old earlier this week, the site offered to make you a 'Facebook movie' looking back on your activity since you've joined. Complete with sappy music and your photos.
Let's be honest, some of the 'monumental moments' weren't real…
New App Figures Out Which Facebook Friends Hate You
Let's be honest for a second; Out of all your "friends" on Facebook, how many are actually people you can't stand or hate? Do you keep them as "friends" just to keep tabs on them?
If you've ever wanted to know if the feeling was mutual, there's …
Reasons Why Dalton Should Never Drink And Tweet
Drinking and tweeting are two of my favorite things but I’m slowly learning that these are not too things I should at the same time. Tweeting while drunk is a lot like kissing your attractive cousin, sure it seems fun at the time but in the morning you know you’re jus…
Dalton Live Tweets From The Strip Club
The other night I found myself in a local strip on behalf of Q103. This night in particular was a little like attending a preseason football game but with strippers. I was at this club to host an amateur night bikini contest but I found myself engaged in so much more. To allow you to get a glimpse t…
Smartphone Pictures Pose Security Risk [VIDEO]
How often are you taking pics and uploading them to Facebook, Twitter or foursquare? Once a day? Twice a day? All day everyday? Anyone with a cell phone is and let me tell you- You're opening up your world to randoms and you don't even know it.

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