Holiday Twerking
I Would first of like to thank jolly old Saint Nick for bringing us twerking many years ago. Such a courteous and thoughtful gift.
Not So Epic Twerking Fail Isn’t Miley Cyrus’ Fault [VIDEO]
Viral may be a word that gets thrown around these days, but you can tell the genuine article.  A video has been circulating of a girl attempting to twerk, and instead lighting herself on fire. You can't not watch it. If you hear just 'twerking girl catches on fire' your brain alm…
Miley Cyrus Twerking Is Not Hot! [VIDEO]
I’m standing pretty firm on this one. I can’t find a single thing sexy about this video and I don’t understand anyone who does. Miley Cyrus stopped being hot when she stopped being forbidden fruit. Now a video of her on stage “twirking&CloseCurly…