More Iron Maiden News!
A few days ago I blogged about Iron Maiden releasing another "best of" album that was to cover the past two decades. Now, the band has announced that all proceeds for select merch T-Shirts will be going to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims, restoration and clean-up f…
All That Remains’ Earthquake/Tsunami Experience
Oh my God! My heart sank when I read that one of my top five bands, All That Remains, was in Tokyo when the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Thankfully they are all OK, but are understandably a little shook up. They're from Massachusetts so they never have to worry about a natural disas…
Japan Still In Trouble
Japan is still feeling the effects of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit them last week.  They are racing to fix coolant systems in their Nuclear Power Plants and the death toll continues to rise.