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Surprise Summer Events Planned For Troy [VIDEO]
'Everything's bigger and better this year' in Troy with 'special surprises you're gonna have to actually come up to Power's Park to find out about' said Vito Ciccarelli, special events coordinator, which leads me to believe that Troy will be the new place to h…
Troy Police Officer Being Investigated
And the hits keep coming in as a Troy police officer is currently sitting on the bench while a week old investigation into his off-duty affairs aimed at his behavior in Hudson is underway.
Troy Man Arrested For Stealing Bottles From Boy Scout Troop
Kids man, why do you people take from our kids? That's one thing I'll never understand. A 21 year-old Troy man has been arrested for stealing close to $575 in returnable bottles and cans from Boy Scout Troop 537. Those nickels add up don't they?

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