tropical storm irene

How Can You Get Help From FEMA?
Tropical Storm Irene put quite a hurting on the Albany area, especially our neighbors in Schoharie county.  This morning FEMA representative Nate Custer stopped by the studio to give me a little information on how you can get help from the Emergency Agency.
Tide Loads Of Hope Coming To Cobleskill Area
The good people at Tide are bringing their Loads of Hope program to Cobleskill, an area that really needs it after the devastating effects of Tropical Storm Irene put on the area.  They will be at the Walmart in Cobleskill this afternoon.
Tropical Storm Irene Compared to Hurricane Katrina
Granted TS Irene was pretty damaging to the whole of the east coast, but a lot of that was because we're just not prepared to deal with stuff like that.  Snow and ice storms are more the forté of Upstate NY.  Still, as bad as Irene was, we were lucky.  Check out this compa…