Tron Legacy

Daft Punk Releasing New Album This Spring
Daft Punk have reportedly lined up a May release for their fourth studio album and first in eight years, reports British newspaper The Guardian. The French electronica duo has inked a deal with Sony-owned Columbia Records to issue its proper follow-up to 2005′s 'Human After All,&apos…
Tech Thursday – Ride A Lightcycle From TRON
One of the most iconic things seen in the TRON movies is the Lightcycle. I remember seeing that in the original as a kid and thinking, I want one of those! Then the sequel came out with a new design that is even more cooler then the original. And now, you have a chance to ride a real Lightcycle.
Cure The Blues With A Redbox
As a recently single man back on the market after the better part of a decade, ol' Monte has found a cure to the blues, boredom and dating problems.  There is this wonderful machine, the new love of my life, the Redbox.
The dating scene has changed these days, I'm too old to be scoping out ladies in …