Trick Shot: Off Three Roof Tops And Nothing But Net [VIDEO]
This basketball trick shot is frat-tastic. These bros of the Phi Delt frat not only know how to party but these dudes no physics! Suck on that Mythbusters, Michel Jordan McDonald’s commercials and Rube Goldburge! After watching this video there is no doubt in my mind that these dudes…
Top 5 Pizza Dough Tosses [VIDEO]
I’m just as shocked as you with the amount of videos of people twirling and tossing pizza dough in the air. I must say it is fancy and fun to watch, but some of these videos makes me reconsider if I want a pizza from these guys or not. Do I really want a pizza that was resting on fat…
Great Bartending Stunt [VIDEO]
Now this is empressive. Watch this guy pour 12 different martinis at the same time. And the best part is, I think he’s on a cruise ship and doesn't spill a drop.