Memorial Day Traffic Is Going To Be ‘Bad’
With Memorial Day weekend comes many hitting the roads for the first road trip of the summer. Which also mean there will be traffic jams galore on the highways, thruway, and streets. Just how bad will it be this year though?
Georgia To Ban Slow-Poke Left Lane Drivers
We've all then there before, driving down the Northway in the far left lane when we happen upon someone is either going at or below the posted speed limit. Now, we aren't saying we condone speeding but the left lane is meant for those us who want to go faster than the rest of the traffic (and for pa…
Packing Like A Pro [Video]
Travel; wither for business or vacation it sucks having to pack everything up then lug it to the airport.
With the limitations of 'carry on' luggage on airplanes nowadays, some people try to cram as much as possible in a bag but end up making it so full and heavy they are miserable. Not thi…
Airline Fees I’d Be Willing To Pay [NSFW Video]
Yesterday came the story of one blogger's epic complaint letter to an airline for being forced to sit next to an obese person. As I was browsing the web, I found this video that almost suites the situation perfectly.
"Airline Fees I'd Be Willing To Pay"
Let's face facts, some of the "fe…
TSA Sets New Records For Found Guns At Security Check Points
The rules of what you CAN and CANNOT take on a plane via carry on and checked in baggage is out there for the public to read up on. Yet, still some people try to push their luck and sneak items on board. Some play dumb but in certain cases you can't; like trying to a gun on a plane (just saying…

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