Guy Pulls Kids Tooth Out With Car (Video)
They were talking about this video on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show and they paid more attention to the car in the video then the kid getting his tooth pulled. I tried to find a good tooth pulling image to go with this, I think I nailed it.
Truck Driver Causes Accident While Pulling a Tooth [Video]
It's way too easy to drive distracted these days. Things like food, cell phones and passengers are all temptations to take your attention off the road.
For an Alabama truck driver, a loose tooth was to blame for his distracted-driving disaster, Alabama Live/ reported.
John Lennon’s Tooth To Be Put Up For Auction
Have you ever bought or put a bid on something strange? How about a human tooth? Well, if not, you will have the opportunity to real soon, as late Beatles member John Lennon's tooth will be put up auction. It is expected to sell for $16,000.