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‘Captain Phillips’ Review
With piracy drama 'Captain Phillips,' Paul Greengrass ('Bloody Sunday,' 'United 93') has defended his ground as the go-to man for tragic, reality-based pressure-cooker films. The dude really knows how to get your palms sweaty, even when you kinda-sorta know how things are going to end up. Note to se…
The Cost of Living ‘Big’ Today
Have you ever found yourself watching the classic comedy 'Big' and wondered to no one in particular (or possibly your cat) how much it would cost to live like Tom Hanks' character? Well, we also wondered that, and decided to break down his awesome apartment in terms of today's co…
Movies That Flopped in 2011[VIDEO]
Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts - some of the greatest actors of our generation.  What do they all have in common?  Well, this year, they have the honor of appearing on the list of the biggest movie FLOPS of 2011.

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