Relationship Advice Can Come From Anywhere
So since this here thing I do is all about sex and relationships, and those chick rags are just chock full of good headlines (if not content) for sex and relationship advice, I went to Cosmo to look for a topic for today's post. Figured I'd just spin it so it's relevant to girls and g…
Hey Guys, Today’s Woman Wants Adventure
So, you're thinking about surprising your lady with something really special. Something you know she's gonna love, and will wrap her right around your … finger. You're driving to the mall when suddenly some girly advertisement comes on, and you've got it! You're gonna…
A Relationship Should Not Be A Competition
Humans, being animals, are competitive by nature. There's evidence to suggest that once we behaved as packs of wolves do, fighting amongst ourselves until an alpha emerged and established some semblance of order. The strongest led. The weakest fell in line or died.
Relationship Lacking Excitement?
So you're out somewhere with your partner. You've been there half a dozen times, and you always have a great time. But this time, something's off.
The Way You Argue May Be Killing Your Relationship
When's the last time you got into an argument with your partner? It's okay. Everybody argues. Despite the fairytale standard of “happily ever after,” an argument doesn't, in any way, mean you don't love each other, or you're not right for each oth…

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