A Possible Change Coming for All Those Who Work for Tips
A new change could be coming for all of you hard workers out there who work in a field where you get tips.  According to the Times Union, Governor Cuomo announced this weekend that he will be holding a series of hearings in 2018 regarding the pay for those who work for tips...
Would You Have Tipped? [POLL]
Obviously a 15 percent gratuity is necessary for anyone who either delivers food or is your server at a restaurant, what about these people though?
Firework Fails And How To Avoid Them (Video)
4th of July weekend is this weekend and people are already celebrating because Americans love blowing things up so much that they can't wait, but fireworks are dangerous, this blog is to remind you of that unfortunate fact.
Jim Harbaugh’s Trick-Or-Treating Tips (Video)
Coach Jim Harbaugh talks about his old trick-or-treating strategy, that will make you think that he is actually the coach of the New England Patriots.
Thanks Jim Harbaugh!
So if you take the Coach's advice, you're not cheating your neighbors out of candy, you're a "go-getter...
Easter Egg Hunts Are A Terrible Idea
Easter is right round the corner and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than hiding decorative eggs all around the house and yard. I've only participated in a handful of Easter egg hunts but that was enough for me to learn they are a BAD IDEA.
5 Ways To Avoid Giving Out Candy On Halloween
Halloween is not just the day when all the ladies get to wear skimpy outfits and the guys dress up like women gilt free. Halloween is still the tradition of children dressing up in costumes and ringing every stranger on their block's door bell begging for candy...
How To Get Girls To Make Out With You [VIDEO]
So this dude has cracked the code on how to get girls you have just met to make out with you. Things you will need are a rain machine, public setting, a copy of the “The Notebook” and a handsome face. Muscles don’t seem to be a necessity in this routine bu…

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