Charlie Sheen Admits That He’s ‘Losing His Mind’
Apparently after losing both his children and his job now, Charlie is finally seeing the light.  Charlie Sheen recently admitted to Life & Style magazine (undoubtedly for a small fee) that he has been 'losing his mind' for some time now.
Charlie Sheen is Seeking an Intern
The stories about Charlie Sheen are never-ending, especially if you follow him on Twitter. By the way, he broke the Guinness World Record for gaining 1 million followers on a Twitter in one day. He actually now has over 2 million followers.
Who Would Win: Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Norris
I'm with the rest of America on this:  I've become hooked on Charlie Sheen's antics.  However, I'll say that it's been a good week of Charlie Sheen and his real 15 minutes of fame is over.