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Rachel Dolezal Admits That She Is White (Videos some NSFW)
Rachel Dolezal, the woman from Washington that did not know, that she is white, finally acknowledged that she is, in fact white, and receives an ovation for her confession while on "The Real."
I am jealous, I have known that I am an American for years, and they have not invited me to be on:…
Is Kelly Osbourne A Racist? (Video)
Kelly Osbourne, is allot of things, according to her Wikipedia she is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, she is a singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, fashion designer and now, because of her comments about Latinos on The View, she may also be a racist.
Awkward Talk Show Moments
Isn't it awesome when an interview goes a rye?  The awkward that sets in between the interviewer and interviewee is almost unbearable, yet you can't look away.