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A Dan America Thanksgiving (Videos NSFW)
I fear that I've failed in my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, and now, this is my last stand, because Americans will go shopping, it's hard to compete with a good sale, especially when you're not selling anything.
Americans will continue to refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving bec…
Best Thanksgiving Television Episodes (Video)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving, in America, I have posted many Thanksgiving themed blogs, I even slurped the Turkey, but I have not blogged about my favorite TV Show episodes yet, until now.
When I first started this blog, I went to YouTube to find a good compilation of Thanksgivin…
I’m Thankful, You’re Thankful, We’re All Thankful! (Video)
I am thankful that, this Sunday is WWE Survivor Series! and this year, the WWE is celebrating 25 years of the Undertaker!
Now let's go back in time!
I am thankful that the WWE is so predictable, because at Survivor Series, we all know that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will meet in the final roun…
The Turkey Slurpee Challenge (Video)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, I discovered a new holiday tradition, the "Turkey Slurpee Challenge." then I discovered it was dangerous, but I did it anyway.
My fellow Americans,
I slurped the turkey for America...
Thanksgiving Fails & Fun (Videos)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, I have posted many videos, and I have realized, that I keep posting silly videos of people doing gross things, or people failing at Thanksgiving.
I don't know how this is going to help restore the spirit of Thanksgiving, but I'm …
Fun With Mashed Potatoes (Video)
In my quest to restore the American spirit of Thanksgiving, or the Spirit of America within Thanksgiving... I have discovered fun things to do with turkey, you can slurp it, and you can try to eat it all in one sitting.
I have yet to post anything about the mashed potatoes, until now...
It’s Friday The 13th (Videos NSFW)
Nothing bad has ever happened to me on Friday the 13th, my birthday is August 13th, that must mean that I am the bad thing, that is going to happen to you on the 13th, and that makes me happy.
Today, you are not going to be stalked by an immortal man child, who can not swim, and wears a hockey mask..…
Matt Stonie Takes On A 20LB Thanksgiving Turkey (Video)
In my quest to restore the good name of Thanksgiving, and remind America that it is not all about shopping, the Pilgrims, or the Native Americans. Thanksgiving is all about the food, so I turned to Matt Stonie, to help me prove that point, and he did not disappoint...
Turkey Slurpee (Video)
In my quest to restore the Thanksgiving spirit in America, I have rediscovered the "Hand Turkey," and now I have discovered the "Turkey Slurpee," for America.
Although the "Turkey Slurpee" is about a year old, it's new to me, it may be new to…

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