New Text And Driving Law Increases Penalties In New York
If you've driven the North Way in the last couple of days, chances are you've seen the signs displaying the penalties of the new Text & Driving Law. To be honest, I had no clue of the new and stiffer fines until I saw the signs; I guess they did their job because they definitely go…
12 Hilarious Breakup Texts
It doesn't matter which way we spin it; breaking up stinks. (Unless, of course, you're the breaker-upper, in which case it's like a cause for celebration.) Either way, cutting the relationship cord has gotten a bit easier ever since text messaging hit the scene. As it turns out, break…
‘Sleep Texting’ Is Now a Thing Among Teenagers
Being a teenager is a perilous time in one's life as a not-quite fully developed brain will cause the teen to make all kinds of questionable decisions.
Now thanks to a new phenomenon called sleep-texting, the teenager can even make these bad decisions while they are catc…
Is That Text Message From a Hacker? – Tech Tuesday
It was revealed last week that there is an inherent security flaw in the way a SMS message, more commonly known as a text message, can be sent with a reply to address different from the address that sent it and you wouldn't see it, thus sending a reply to someone entirely different from whom it appe…
Operation Hang Up in Progress
Be aware if you are driving the Northway or other area roads around the Capital Region or that fact New York State. For the next week,  State Police are targeting motorists who are using cellphone and other electronic devices while driving.
Another Texting Fail [VIDEO]
We really have to start paying attention while we walk and text.  Remember the girl who fell into the fountain at a mall?  Now watch this video, see the girl in the right corner walk and fail while texting.  The funny thing is, it happened during a live news report.
New Bill Should Help Stop Texting And Driving
Now texting and driving could get you more than just a fine, it can get you points against your license too. And it will be easier for an officer to give you that ticket as well. Here’s something I didn’t know before,
Cell Phone Sweep Going On
If you’re one of those people who illegally talk on the phone while driving you better be extra alert over the next few days.

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