Tera Patrick

Alana Blanchard or Danielle Harris: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
Last night's edition of 'Pump or Dump' was an interesting one that's for sure. I assumed Tuesday night's 'Pump' Tera Patrick would have easily 'Dumped' Alana Blanchard with her bodacious beauty and a sleeve that well- Tera is fire all day! But hey, hold o…
Tera Patrick or Alana Blanchard: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
It's Hump-Night! Throw on some mellow jazz, grab a glass of wine, and prepare yourself for an explosion of emotion as you decide who you would take home for the night. Of course, this is all hypothetical- but- If you could, who would you 'Pump or Dump'?
Raquel Pomplun or Tera Patrick: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
So I came up with this ingenious idea a few days ago. Show two pics of two smokin hot pieces of tale, add a poll and well- Let you vote on who you would want to Pump or Dump. It's easy- Who you taking home and who you leaving high and dry? Let the games begin!